Claygate, 25 October 2020

Match Results / Report

  • Points Match/Random Pairs
  • Rupert Garrett (20lb 10oz)
  • Dave B (19lb 10oz)
  • Stewart Eastman (14lb 4oz)

Match Report...

TWAPS Chart Match Results – 25th October 2020 – Points Match/Random Pairs

Match number 8 at Claygate Fishery.

13 anglers fished today on Lake Sophie. 
The fishing was extremely hard for everyone today with three anglers failing to catch after trying every tactic in the book on the day.. 
Congratulations to Rupert on his win today with 20lb 10 oz and Dave B in second place with 19lb 14oz and Stewart E in 3rd with 14lb 4oz . 
And look forward to seeing everyone at Greenacres on the 8th of November 

Jack Dean
TWAPS Match Secretary
th October 2020

Claygate Results
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