Monk Lakes, 28 April 2024

Match Results / Report

  • Friendly Match
  • Steve Loundis (31lb 1oz)
  • Jack Louth (23lb 15oz)
  • Ian Collier (19lb 1oz)


Monk Lakes, Lake 2 – Sunday 28th April 2024 – Friendly Match

5 TWAPS anglers were stupid enough to turn up on a rainy and really cold blustery late April day to take part in the fourth match of the 2024 season, and was another friendly match, again at Monk Lakes, this time Lake 2.

In short we all struggled, especially during the morning when it rained hard, and when facing a brisk, gusty and cold northerly wind.

The five of us fished one bank on the lake, occupying two corner pegs and three open water pegs. Eventually the fish showed up, and we all started catching, sporadically at first and as conditions slowly improved so did the catch rates – particularly on the corner pegs.

Congratulations Steve Lounds who claimed first place with a catch weight of 34lb 1oz. In second place was Jack Louth with 23lb 13oz. In third place was Ian Collier with 19lb 1oz. All in all it was a good day’s fishing and enjoyed by all taking part.

In fact Jack was so confident he threw a respectable sized carp back into the lake instead of one of his keepnets! He did, however, catch a fine roach weighing 13oz which was entered into the 2024 Roach Cup.

Our esteemed Match Secretary, Brian also lost his brolly – twice – and his hat, all due to the wind, and some non-TWAPS anglers on the other side of the lake managed to witness (as did we) their bivvy taking flight and ending up in the lake. The said brolly was safely retrieved soon after. It was one of those days!

Despite everything, it turned out to be quite an enjoyable day.

The next match, another points and individual cup match, is on Sunday, 12th May 2024, again at Lucks Lane.

Ian Collier
on behalf of Brian Potter, Match Secretary.

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TWAPS Updates

Our popup announcer contains updates and important information about society matters. Click the bell icon regularly to check for new updates.

Inn on the Lake – Inn on the Lake – Fishery Re-opening


The fish at the Inn on the Lake fishery appear to have finished spawning. Therefore the Inn on the Lake fishery will be open again from 8am Monday 1st July 2024.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Committee

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Waste food, unused bait and litter


Some of our waters, especially at the Inn on the Lake and Cobham, have recently been experiencing a vermin problem. This is being monitored weekly.

To help to prevent this situation continuing can you please ensure that you not discard unused or waste food and bait, and that you take it all home, together with all your litter, after your session.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Committee

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Access to Cobham

When visiting the Cobham fishery please DO NOT use the short cut track between the gate cottage and the main track cattle grid if it’s taped off.

Also please keep to the main track and avoid driving on the grass.

Members seen using the short cut when it’s taped off, or driving on the grass will have their membership suspended pending a Committee enquiry.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Committee

Polite Reminder – Pike Fishing


This is a polite reminder to inform you that fishing for pike is now banned on all TWAPS waters until 1st October 2024. Pike fishing is only permitted from 1st October until 31st March each year.

The Committee

Inn on the Lake Fish Survey

In March 2024 a fish survey was carried out by AE Fisheries on the Main Lake at the Inn on the Lake. See the ‘Fish Survey’ section on the Inn on the Lake page.

Other surveys are to follow at Shorne Country Park, Cobham and the Middle Lake
at the Inn on the Lake. These are to be carried out during the winter of 2024-25.

Carp pellets for sale


The Head Bailiff, Gary Bushell, has acquired carp pellets for sale to TWAPS Members at cost price.

If you would like to purchase some, or find out more details, contact Gary – BY TEXT ONLY PLEASE.

His number is on your membership card.

The Committee

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Inn on the Lake – Main Lake Jetty


The owners of the Inn on the Lake Hotel have complained that some TWAPS Members are feeding fish from the jetty.

The jetty and patio areas are STRICTLY OUT OF BOUNDS to all Members for feeding or fishing.

Any Member caught either feeding or fishing from the jetty or patio areas will receive an instant suspension pending a disciplinary hearing.

We are currently waiting for the CCTV footage to be looked at.

The Committee

Inn on the Lake, Main Lake, Swim 18 Closure

Swim 18 on the Main Lake at the Inn on the Lake is permanently closed.

The Committee

Stocking Update

Saturday 16th December.

Fish supplied by VS Fisheries.

Delivered and stocked:

At the Inn On The Lake – 2 x c7s:
One fully scaled mirror of 29lb 4oz, known as “Hammond’s Mirror”.
One mirror of 27lb 10oz, known as “Buxton’s” Mirror.
These two fish were named after the two longest serving Committee Members.

At Cobham
Cobham bottom pond – 50x c3 mirrors up 6lb 5oz.

At Shorne Country Park
100 x C2s in to Long Lake, up to 3lb 8oz.
100 x C2s in to steps lake.

Photos for Cobham and Shorne to follow.

TWAPS is always building and protecting our stocks for the future.

Only silvers and tench to arrive now – in the new year.

The Committee.

Dip tanks at the Inn on the Lake and Cobham


It is compulsory for you to use the dip tanks provided at both the Inn on the Lake and Cobham fisheries. Please use them to dip your landing nets, unhooking mats (and cradles etc.) and weigh slings upon arrival at the fishery and certainly BEFORE placing your nets in the water or when you start fishing.

If you are found not to have done this you will be asked to leave the fishery.

Repeat offenders may be subject to disciplinary action.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Committee