Lucks Lane, 7 January 2018

Match Results / Report

  • Points Match
  • Tony Rayner (22lb 10oz)
  • Gary Bushell (17lb 6oz)
  • Charlie Rayner (4lb 12oz)

Match Report...

Today’s match result.

11 idiots …sorry anglers, turned up to fish the penultimate match of the season at Lucks Lane. On a bitterly cold and very windy day, with a wind chill factor well in the minus range, bites were very hard to come by for almost everyone, with pole fishing almost impossible except for the anglers with the wind off of their backs.

In first place was Tony Rayner with 22lb 10oz all caught on the pole at 11m with maggot. In second place was Gary Bushell with 17lb 06oz caught on the feeder and after that things went down hill rapidly with Charlie Rayner weighing in 4lb 12 oz caught on the feeder very late on in the match.

The league table has been updated (see below).

The last match of the season is on February the 4th at Orchard Farm on their silver fish lake, hopefully the bream and roach will be a bit more willing to feed than the carp were today.

Terry Williamson
TWAPS Match Secretary
7th January 2018

Match Results 2018 ~ Lucks Lane, 7 January 2018
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Match Results 2018 ~ Lucks Lane, 7 January 2018 (2)
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