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Last updated: 28th January 2024

  1. Only current TWAPS Members may enter any TWAPS matches.
  2. Every angler draws his or her own peg at every match.
  3. Summer draw time: draw 08:45, fish 10:00 to 16:00. Winter draw time: draw 08:45, fish 10:00 to 15:00.
  4. The keepnet weight limit unless fishery rules are lower will be 60lb with a 10lb tolerance, so that any net weight between 60lb 01 oz to 70lb will be knocked back to 60lb. Any net weight above 70lb will result in the whole net being disqualified.
  5. If a fishery stipulates that silver fish and carp are to be kept in separate nets and an angler mixes fish then the scales man will remove the silver fish and they will not be weighed in.
  6. If an angler disputes a weight by the scales man this must be raised before the fish are removed from the scales.
  7. Nets should be dry before being placed into the water. If they are wet please string them out to dry.
  8. Keepnets shall conform to current Environment Agency rules. Have no knotted meshes or meshes of metallic material. Have holes no smaller than 2.5mm. Be more than 2 metres long. Have supporting rings or frames less than 40 cm apart and more than 120 cm in circumference.
  9. No moving of fish between nets after the final whistle.
  10. Pole length limit will be 16m. All feeders and bombs to be free running, lead clips and Guru x-safe system are allowed if fishery rules permit.
  11. No floating baits.
  12. No pre-baiting
  13. Only 1 rod to be used at a time. No feeding a second swim with a pole cup whilst fishing with another rod at the same time.
  14. Fishery bait limit rules to apply.
  15. No moving swims during a match. An angler may move swims before the match if his peg is deemed unsafe with the  permission of the match organiser. If a platform is provided then the angler fishes from the platform.
  16. Any fish being played at the final whistle then the angler will have an additional 10 minutes to land the fish.
  17. An angler fishing open water can cast up to the midway point between the adjacent or opposite angler. If there is an empty platform next to him or her then he can fish up to the first leg of the platform.
  18. If there are any pools the day the pay out will be – Up to 10 anglers 1st – 60% 2nd – 40%. If more than 10 anglers 1st – 50% 2nd – 30% 3rd – 20%. All pools money must go into a sealed envelope (supplied) with their name clearly written on the envelope.
  19. In a match marked silvers only any carp/F1 landed will weigh 1lb per fish. Two separate nets must be used one for silvers and one for carp.
  20. Catfish, pike, trout and sturgeon will not count in any match.
  21. League points. The winner of any points match will be awarded 50 points, the runner up will be awarded 48 points, anglers in third place and below will be awarded one point less that the angler in the position above him or her provided that angler weighs in at the end of the match. An angler who completes the match but does not weigh in will be awarded 5 points. An angler who leaves early receives zero points.
  22. In the event of anglers drawing in the final league standings the winner will be the person with the best number of match placing across all matches throughout the season.


Last updated: 28th January 2024

  1. Current TWAPS members only may enter.
  2. Every angler draws their own peg at every match.
  3. 5pm draw time, fish 6pm til 9pm.
  4. 3 out of the 4 matches to count.
  5. Keep nets must confirm to current Environment Agency bye-laws.
  6. I rod or pole only in use at any time.
  7. No bait to be introduced into the Fishery before the starting whistle.
  8. Any angler disputing a weight by the scales person, must raise it before fish are removed from the scales.
  9. Subject to numbers fishing, both lakes maybe used, and if so points will be awarded equally.
  10. Points will be awarded as follows; 1st 30, 2nd 28, 3rd 27, 4th 26, etc.
  11. In the case of a tie for points at the end of the series, the winner shall be the angler with the highest accumulated weight from their chosen matches.
  12. Carp to be kept in a separate net from other species.
  13. Complaints must be made to the organising steward before vacating the site.
  14. Any pools entry payment is optional.