Cobham Bottom Lake Species Voting Summary
Cobham Bottom Lake Species Vote - Percentage Votes Cast

Submitted Comments – Verbatum, In The Order They Were Received

  • If available, stock should be at least 8-10” size or larger if available.
  • Maybe a couple surprise koi?
  • I see this lake as an ideal place for my son. As a venue, the top lake is already well served by medium sized carp. The middle seems low in numbers but with smaller fish so I’d like to see this one as a similar venue to the middle but with a bigger head of stock maybe using the middle as a holding lake for overstock should the need arise. I note that crucians aren’t an option so if golden tench could be an option that would be great.
  • It would be nice to have a mixed Lake with some species that are not currently at Cobham. But due to the size of the Lake only small species.
  • Any chance of zander, just kidding!!!!
  • I think a good mixed lake
  • Green and golden tench would be nice no carp, perch would keep the fry down and allow the fish to grow on and maybe create a good head of coarse species
  • Roach, Rudd and Perch should be able to taken from top and middle lakes and use the savings to buy the other species
  • Golden tench would be nice bit of colour and maybe koi carp (I know it’s not of grey area stocking these into lakes)
  • No carp I think the rest of the lakes have enough for everybody
  • It would be a real pull to have a lake that has a range of fish, nothing beats the buzz of not knowing what you might catch. Having some good Tench and Rudd makes for an interesting water to fish.
  • I would like to see a good mixture of all species and maybe put a few bigger carp in the top lake
  • And crucians please
  • Forget about carp on this lake make a tench water or a multie species lake, we
    have to many carp waters and not enough pleasure/match lakes
  • It would be nice to have a lake that is not dominated by Carp anglers. Instead,
    giving the pleasure angler somewhere to fish.
  • It would be good to have one of our mixed species waters that has the ability to fish all year round
  • I would like this to be another silvers only lake but hopefully with some specimen bream and tench.
  • I am not too worried about the specific species as long as the water will support
    them and the club stocks the lake with a well balanced mix. I would not be bothered if it was silvers only.
  • Need somewhere that is not infected by Carp.
  • I have fished the bottom lake for many years and it is a small pond where pole or float/ light feeder fishing is all that is needed. Please do not put bream in there as they will dominate other species and they are as exciting to catch as a paper bag.
  • Really you can put anything in it will just be a pleasure to be able to fish it again.
  • A good veried selection would be good for all angler’s experienced and new.
  • Suggest tench & carp should be 3lb weight, so the cormorants dont eat them, as
    they get bigger (6lb + ) move to the top lake and replace / restock.
  • It would be good to have a wide and varied range of fish stock to suit all types of
  • Crucian Carp
  • l would like to see crucians put in the bottom lake and NO Common or Mirror carp, a lake for the pleasure angling member
  • Happy to go along with what ever. Thanks.
  • Make it a no boilies allowed
  • Keep as it used to be with mixed species
  • Crusian carp would be nice
  • Crucian carp
  • I cannot wait to fish this lake again. Sooner the better.
  • No more carp please except crucian if any.
  • I think a good mix of fish suited to the size & depth of the lake is the best option, avoiding in my opinion RUDD as they are prolific breeders and become a nuisance, even though they are a very pretty fish.
  • We have enough lakes with carp and it will encourage a more mixed set of anglers to have the traditional coarse species in a reasonably sizeable lake.
  • Crucians and tench only!
  • It’s an old small estate lake so keep it traditional and stock it how it should be with more concentration on micro and plant life as well.
  • Would be nice to have a well stocked lake where you don’t become plagued by
    nuisance species using smaller baits. For the chub and gudgeon, will there be
    oxygen aerators?
  • Golden Tench might be nice
  • A mixed fishery
  • Grass carp or catfish

What's Next?

The Committee have been reviewing the results and have agreed that the Head Bailiff look into acquiring tench (both golden and green varieties), bream, perch, rudd, roach and possibly koi carp.  The stocking of the lake with any species is subject to availability.

Please revisit this page for further updates.