Cobham Top Lake


Please see below the proposal put to you as agreed by a majority vote of the Committee.

The reasons for the proposal are as follows:

Due to the continuing Government restrictions it is unlikely that the restoration of the Bottom lake, at Cobham, will be completed this year meaning there will continue to be extra angling pressure on the Middle and Top lakes.

The Top lake has suffered with dissolved oxygen (DO) problems over the last two years, resulting in many fish deaths.

In conjunction with the Environment Agency (EA), extensive water quality, siltation and other tests have been carried out. Siltation test results showed nothing of concern, however water quality tests showed Ammonia levels “through the roof”, and whilst natural fish waste is a major contributing factor, under water cameras showed large quantities of decaying uneaten bait.

The action of decaying uses a lot of oxygen in the process, and couple that with the leaf mould decaying on the bottom, the DO levels plummeted.

Thanks to a prompt response by the bailiffs, aerators were installed thus preventing another fish kill.

Despite the bait allowance in place, members are continuing to comment on the excessive amount of bait being introduced considering the size of the water.

Ongoing advice is being sought to improve the situation, such as installing reeds and other vegetation, but a substantial part of the remedy is in Members’ hands, so please use common sense and base your actions on the size of water you fish.

You can vote for or against the proposal using the form below.

NOTE: To be eligible to vote you must be a current TWAPS member and you will need your membership number and email address (for verification purposes) and please only vote once. Your details will be used only for the purpose of the vote and will not be shared, or made public. Your vote will be kept strictly confidential.

Shortly after voting closes, the results will be analysed and collated, then published on the website.

Closing date for voting Friday 12th February 8pm.


The Committee proposes that we limit Cobham to a ONE rod from the 1st April to the 31st October, then TWO rods from the 1st November to the 31st March, together with a maximum:

Line strength of 12lbs
Weight/lead of 2oz
Hook size 12.”

Please note that this proposal may be reviewed for the 2022/23 season.