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Kent Fishing Waters - Blue Lake

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Kent Fishing Waters - Blue Lake

General Information

Please note:

Work is taking place to apply chalk face netting on the railway bank.

Therefore the Railway Corner, Ladder, Point and Pipe swims will be OUT OF BOUNDS due to the movement of heavy equipment, until further notice. Members please accept this whilst this long outstanding work is being done.

Some of the other swims are wet, but not flooded as the water level has dropped. PLEASE EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION WHILST FISHING.

Please observe the current social distancing rules:

Travel there on your own, unless you are travelling with another member of your household.

Only one angler per swim, unless you are fishing with another member of your household.

Observe social distancing guidelines, keep a minimum of 2m between you and others who are not members of your household.

Avoid walking around the lake during your session.

Be courteous to other anglers and Bailiffs at all times.

Also please ensure you have the correct documentation with you at all times.

And, enjoy your fishing.

Blue Lake at Northfleet is a natural spring fed lake. It is not a commercial fishery and is a strictly members only water. It is approx 595m long by 248m wide. (Roughly 36.5 acres) It varies in depth from 1.2m – 15m (4ft – 48ft). It can look very daunting on your first visit there, because of its size, compared with your standard commercial fishery. To your left on entering you will see there is a huge white cliff running down the length of the lake. This is known as the Railway Bank and the other side is called the Tree Bank. There are various swims along both sides and before it was closed for water extraction these swims had names such as Gemmals (named after J Gemmals who lived in the old house at the end of the road which is now offices), Steps, The Pipes, The Ramp, The Old Pump House etc. 

There are various features such as bays and gravel bars which can be fished for or in, but you will have to do your homework and put in the time in on the lake to find out where they are and when you get it right the fishing can be very rewarding. This is common though with fishing a large, deep chalk pit.

Blue Lake holds carp, (mirrors, leathers and commons) up to 35lb plus, roach to 2lb and eels to 8lb and many other species. The lake was temporarily closed for a while (approximately 5 years) whilst work was going on with the building of the new Ebbsfleet station. Fishing resumed again in 2007 but unfortunately over this period of time nature took its toll on the lake. Swims have been made by anglers who now fish the lake, but a lot of work still needs to be done.

Good quality fish are being caught with carp being the dominant species.


Nearest postcode: DA10 1EB

It has taken a long time to get the fishing rights back to be allowed to fish the lake again and therefore there are a special set of rules that apply to this Lake. They MUST be adhered to and there is zero tolerance for anyone caught breaking these rules.

Access to the lake is by combination locks on the barrier, main gate and all the inner fence gates. The combination number is on your membership card.

As this is a strictly members only water, prospective members may only view the water by pre-arrangement, if accompanied by a Bailiff or Committee Member.


Take the Northfleet exit from the A2 onto Springhead Road, then 2nd exit off the first roundabout (Springhead Road) first exit on the next roundabout on to Thames Way. The Blue Lake is on the right hand side, the entrance being just before the traffic lights. Ebbsfleet Station is on the left hand side.

Please note – Google map markers are set to nearest postcode but are still approximate. Please use access / directions for more accurate information.



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(Thanks to Chris Sedge for the original sketch and labels.)

Memorial Bench

At the Blue Lake we have a bench to mark a member of the Society who is sadly no longer with us.

The bench currently contains a small plaque in memory of member Simon Bell.


Simon “Little Legs” Bell 1974 – 2017

May Simon rest in peace.

Blue Lake ~ 1954

Back in the 1950s there were 3 lakes in the area… Blue Lake was one and the other two were called “The Half Moon” and “Quarter Moon”, with the latter two lakes being filled in for what is now Ebbsfleet International Railway Station. It was fished by all the local factories in the area at the time. As years went by nearly all the factories closed and it was then decided by those individuals who fished the lake to form two clubs. Blue Circle has since disbanded and the water is now controlled solely by TWAPS.


Pictures of Blue Lake 1954