To all Members.

Sunday 9th January 2022, Inn On The Lake

Today whilst carrying out a work party, we came across 3 rigs, that were all lead core leaders, cast over the jetty and left with over 30 yards of line left on them.

Any member caught using lead core on our waters will receive a ban. 

The rigs we wound in were still fishing, and could have tethered a fish.

This isn’t a case of just breaking off, this is a case of very bad angling , and to catch a fish at any cost attitude.

Rig checks will be stepped up on all waters.

Anyone found using lead core, will be asked to leave the lakes, and membership card confiscated, pending a Committee disciplinary hearing.


Gary Bushell,
Head bailiff

Lead Core Leaders

Lead Core Leaders
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Inn On The Lake closures for work parties

As of Sunday 31st October 2021 the Inn On The Lake will be closed for fishing every Sunday morning from 8am until 1pm until further notice for work parties to carry out maintenance work on the fishery.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Gary Bushell, Head bailiff.

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