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Halloween 2019

The following horror story was anonymously submitted by a TWAPS member for Halloween 2019.

His/her submission wins a £25 tackle voucher.

Congratulations to the Member concerned…


“I was fishing a match at Blue Water from the shingle beach. We didn’t start the match until 10am because of traffic problems. It was a quiet match with the usual banter going around the lake. We didn’t have mobile phones back then, so no interruptions from various ringtones going off. Unfortunately, it also meant no communications with the wife/girlfriend/partner etc., for some fishermen this was a blessing, their day off from chores.

On this particular day, I was half way through the match, when I heard a car drive through the open gate at speed. A lady got out of the car and started shouting and screaming at the fisherman next to me. I caught some of the words she said and she mentioned Sunday lunch.

What I didn’t realise was that she was holding a full plate of Sunday roast in her hands. Hurrying down the shingle beach, she then turned the plate upside down and firmly planted said contents with some force on poor unfortunate fisherman’s head. At the same time I turned to see what was happening and a batter pudding came flying off the plate and hit me squarely in the eye. Now, I am not one to criticize anyone’s cooking, but I don’t remember my mother making batter puddings as hard as rock cakes. Out of my now rapidly swelling eye, I looked over to see 3 slices of chicken firmly entrenched on his head, with what I have to say was quite a good selection of vegetables slowly running down the rest of him. The lady, presumed to be girlfriend or wife (although I am just guessing here) had long since stormed back into her car and sped off.

I went to work next day with a black and blue eye and the usual banter of ‘who did you go 3 rounds with’ ‘did you bump into a door’ ‘No, I got hit in the eye by a batter pudding’ silent pause, rapturous laughter. I never did live it down.”

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