Corona Updates

Corona Virus – Update 4th JULY 2020.

If you intend to fish at the Blue Lake, please see below.

If you intend to fish at the Inn On The Lake, please see below.

If fishing Campanile, please remember to register your vehicle with the hotel once every 24 hours, as usual. You may wish to wear protective gloves when entering your vehicle registration number into to hotel’s tablet, or ask a member of staff to enter it on your behalf. Note none of the hotel’s facilities will be available, including toilets.

Please note that due to social distancing rules, some swims are may be temporarily shut on all fisheries.

Whilst fishing please observe the following:

GETTING TO THE FISHERY – You should travel to the fishery on your own or with a member of your household and abide by current guidelines on social distancing whilst fishing.

MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING – Maintain a distance of 15 metres from other anglers whilst fishing.

PARK CAREFULLY – Park your vehicle at least 2m from other vehicles where possible.

FOLLOW TRAVEL GUIDELINES – Only travel based on what is allowed under current Government guidelines.

WHO YOU CAN FISH WITH – You can fish on your own or a member of your household, not with anyone else. Whist you are fishing you must remain in your swim whenever possible and not walk around the lake of visit other anglers.

READ FISHERY NOTICES – Pay careful attention to TWAPS information either on the fishery or on the website – if you are unsure speak to a Bailiff for guidance.

PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE – Use hand sanitiser before and after touching locks, gates etc. Disposable gloves are recommended.

Any member found not be be complying with the above rules will be asked to leave the fishery.


The Blue Lake has now been reopened.

Please note the following:

All available swims are open. However some of the swims are wet, but not flooded as the water level has dropped. PLEASE EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION WHILST FISHING.

Please observe the current social distancing rules:

Travel there on your own, unless you are travelling with another member of your household.

Only one angler per swim, unless you are fishing with another member of your household.

Observe social distancing guidelines, keep a minimum of 2m between you and others who are not members of your household.

Avoid walking around the lake during your session.

Be courteous to other anglers and Bailiffs at all times.

Also please ensure you have the correct documentation with you at all times.

And, enjoy your fishing.


As of 6pm on 04/11/20 you can book in for the Inn On The Lake to start fishing from Thursday.
Please be patient.
Thank you.
Due to Covid 19 lock down as of midnight Wednesday 4th November all members wanting to fish the Inn On The Lake will have to book in.

All available swims will be open, but double swims will become single swims if anglers are not from same household.

Social distancing will be adhered at all times of 2 meters. It is still not certain if night fishing is allowed, but will be confirmed by Angling trust by Thursday. The lake will be shut Wednesday 4th November at midday, and will reopen 7am Thursday morning.

To book in you will need to phone Gary Bushell between 6 pm and 7 pm. His number is on your membership card. You will be given a password to gain access to the fishery.

No booking in means no fishing.

No entry to the lakes without booking in.

Any one caught at the lakes without booking in, will be banned.

The hotel will be shut, meaning no use of toilets, or hotel bars, etc. The booking in system will last until the hotel is allowed to reopen.

Once again park in front of fence one meter apart.

If you have any questions please call Gary.

The maximum stay at the fishery will be 72 hours.

Thanks to everyone, tight lines.

Regards, Gary Bushell, Head Bailiff.

Updated: 3rd November 2020 

Corona Updates
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Corona Virus Update

If you intend to fish at the Blue Lake or at Inn On The Lake, please see the link below for important updates and information …

Work at Blue Lake

Please note that some of the swims at Blue Lake are closed due to work being done on the chalk face on the Railway Bank.