Cobham Survey Report

Survey by Hadlow College.

As a result of the fish survey at the top and bottom lakes at Cobham, the following species and weights were recorded.

As a result of the fish survey at the top and bottom lakes at Cobham, the following species and weights were recorded:

Top Lake:

  • Carp 192lb
  • Crucian Carp 24lb
  • Perch 22lb
  • Roach 325lb
  • Total: 583lb


Bottom Lake:

  • Carp 250lb
  • Roach 202lb
  • Tench 1 only about 1lb 8oz
  • Total: 453lb 8oz.

The total weight netted and electro fished was 1,036lb 8oz.

Unfortunately there were many more fish excluded due to net snagging on sunken logs, which were removed, in the top lake.

Following the survey, discussions took place with several Committee members and Bailiffs. It was accepted, that at the present time the two lakes are predominately two species fisheries, namely carp and roach, although a small number of good perch and crucian carp were netted.

One suggested solution is to thin out the roach population and introduce species such as rudd, perch, bream and ide.

The size and quantity of fish needs to be carefully considered.

The question is “Does the Society stock a large quantity of small fish, or a small quantity of larger fish?”

A large quantity of small fish can sustain an initial loss due to predation or natural causes, but would not necessarily be of a hookable size for the first year.

A smaller number of larger fish could result in immediate catches, but would mean any loss reduces the initial sport available.

The Society would receive a much greater number of small fish as opposed to the larger alternative for the same cost.

The prices below are a sample only of the prices currently being shown by fish suppliers (as at March 2015):

Bream 4”-6” per 100, £110 + vat + delivery.
Bream 8”-10” per 100, £460 + vat + delivery.
Bream 10” + £9.95 per lb, + vat + delivery.

Rudd 4”-6” per 100, £65 + vat + delivery.
Rudd 8”-10” per 100, £350 + vat + delivery.

Tench 4”-6” per 100, £230 + vat + delivery.
Tench 8”-10” per 100, £580 + vat + delivery
Tench 10” + £13.95 per lb, + vat + delivery.


It is obvious that to do nothing is out of the question and expert advice will be required to make the right decision.

The Society must accept that, despite using an accredited supplier with health certification, there is always a risk when introducing new stock to an existing fishery.



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Cobham Lakes Fish Survey 2015
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