Cobham Bottom Lake Project – Autumn 2021

Cobham Bottom Lake Project

Autumn 2021


The Cobham Bottom Lake project is now underway, after a long delay due to Covid-19.

In preparation for the main works, to be undertaken by contractors Land and Water, some TWAPS members have been clearing parts of the site and draining the lake.

Dennis Hammond, Project Manager and Chairman and Gary Bushell, Head Bailiff
4th October 2021.


  • 29/09/21 dewatering started and continued until 18/10/21.
  • 11/10/21 de-silting machinery arrived.
  • 12/10/21 de-silting bunds created.
  • 13/10/21 de-silting starts and finishes 21/10/21.
  • 22/10/21 safety orange netting and notices installed to identify exclusion area.
  • 24/10/21 Bottom lake filling up.
  • 26/10/21 10 am. Top and Middle lakes opened to members.

The above is a very short précis of the work carried out. There were many issues that came to light and had to be discussed before work could continue.

One thing discovered was that, under the hard clay bottom in the middle of the Pond is an estimated 5-6 feet of Thanet sand and water which was left well alone!!

Next stages:

  • When Bottom lake reaches its natural level, banks to be stabilised as required.
  • New swims will then be put in place.
  • Aquatic vegetation will be introduced.
  • Fish stocking to be put to Membership and then stock acquired.

Timescales are difficult to assess, as some will be dependent on weather, species availability, silt deposit areas drying out, etc.

It is hoped that it will be ready for the 2023/2024 season.

Members will be kept informed as progress continues.

Please revisit this page from time to time for further updates.

Dennis Hammond, Project Manager and Chairman
24th October 2021

Please revisit this page from time to time for further updates.

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Inn On The Lake closures for work parties

As of Sunday 31st October 2021 the Inn On The Lake will be closed for fishing every Sunday morning from 8am until 1pm until further notice for work parties to carry out maintenance work on the fishery.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Gary Bushell, Head bailiff.

Cobham Fishery Now Reopened

From from 10am Tuesday 26th October 2021 the Cobham fishery will reopen to all Members. Only the Top and Middle Lakes are open to fish.

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