Record catches at TWAPS fisheries

Here are the TWAPS species records caught on each TWAPS water. If you have caught anything bigger then submit your details using the form on this page. No prizes, just recognition. Remember, even if your specimen doesn’t qualify for a record, you can still submit a photo of it for the Photo Gallery.


Claim A Record

To claim a record for any species in any TWAPS water we need the following information:

  • The TWAPS water the fish was caught on.
  • Your name and current membership number.
  • Your phone number and email address (these will not be published).
  • The date of the capture.
  • The species of the fish caught.
  • The weight of the fish caught.
  • The name(s) and membership number(s) of at least one witness (these will not be published).
  • A clear photograph of the fish caught.


TIP: Take a picture of the membership card(s) of your witness(es) if you do not know his/her/their name(s) and/or membership number(s).

Only current TWAPS members are allowed to claim a record. All claims must be from TWAPS waters only. 

Each record must be weighed, photographed and witnessed by at least one other TWAPS member. 

Any record claims submitted will not necessarily result the claim being successful.

Any disputes will be bought before the Committee and their decision is final and binding.


By submitting your photo you consent to TWAPS displaying your photo on its website and social media. You also understand that your published photo will be publicly available on the internet and that it may be printed, copied, downloaded and shared by any user on the internet.