Day Ticket Information

Shorne Country ParkCurrently TWAPS issues day tickets for Shorne Country Park.

Day ticket prices are as follows:

Adults: £6 for up to 2 rods.

Juniors (up to and including 17 years of age): £3 for 1 rod only.

Payment is made on the bank to an official TWAPS Bailiff. In cash only please, we currently do not accept card payments. Just turn up and start fishing!

Prior to fishing, if you are aged 12 or over, you must have a valid rod licence. Further details are available on the UK Government website: (opens in a new window).

Note: The lakes are open all year round and fishing is permitted from dawn to dusk.

Fishery Rules

1. Rods to be left unattended at any time
2. No night fishing, dawn to dusk only
3. No fires or barbeques of any description allowed
4. Rules for use of baits allowed, see notice boards at lakesides
5. One barbless hook per rod and line only
6. Maximum line strength of 12lb permitted
7. A 35cm minimum size landing net must be uset at all times, ONE per angler
8. An unhooking mat should be available for use at all times
9. All fish to be returned to the water, dead or alive
10. No live baiting or treble hooks
11. No litter, take it home!
12. No bait in cans or tins of any type, i.e. sweetcorn, luncheon meat, etc. Baits to be in plastic containers or bags
13. No keep nets or sacks of any description
14. Fishing from numbered swims only.
15. THAMESIDE W.A.P.S. reserve the right to refuse fishing to anyone not observing the above rules or where behaviour is not in the best interest of the fishery, e.g. verbal or physical abuse to bailiffs and other anglers, mis-handing of fish, etc.

Bait Rules

The following amount of bait per angler per visit is allowed on this fishery.
Maggots, casters & worms – no restriction.

Hemp: 1 pint
Luncheon Meat or similar: 300g (1 tin)
Pellets: 1 kilo
Sweetcorn: 340g (1 tin)
Groundbait: 1 kilo bag

All baits must be in plastic containers or bags.

The following baits are banned:

Nuts of any description, peas, beans and any/all floating free offerings i.e. bread, biscuits of any sort, etc.
Any other bait not specifically mentioned above may be sues on the hook, but not used as a free offering in any form. All unused bait to be taken home.

Bait rules will be strictly enforced!!

A complete set of Thameside W.A.P.S.’s rules and bye-laws can be found here.

See the Shorne Country Park page for more information about fishing there.