Match Results / Reports

This archive contains all match results/reports for the past few years. Select either year or venue to view.


Lavender Farm, 19 November 2023

  • Committee Cup
  • Terry Williamson (40lb 14oz)
  • Sarah Whitlock (19lb 5oz)
  • Ian Collier (7lb 3oz)

Lavender Farm, 5 November 2023

  • Points Match
  • Matt Buxton (23lb 12oz)
  • Jeff Buxton (12lb 6oz)
  • Mick Mount (8lb 6oz)

Lucks Lane, 22 October 2023

  • Points Match
  • Jeff Buxton (78lb 12oz)
  • Phil Townsend (38lb 12oz)
  • Ian Collier / Terry Williamson (21lb 4oz)

Monk Lakes, 1 October 2023

  • Points Match
  • Neil Turnnidge (43lb 14oz)
  • Brian Heard (29lb 5oz)
  • Brian Potter (25lb 7oz)

Hawkhurst, 24 September 2023

  • Points Match / AWAC Trophy
  • Neil Turnnidge (68lb 8oz)
  • Gary Bushell (50lb 10oz)
  • Mick Mount (47lb 5oz)

Lucks Lane, 3 September 2023

  • Points Match / Random Pairs
  • Phil Townsend (51lb 0oz)
  • Jeff Buxton (30lb 10oz)
  • Jack Louth (23lb 5oz)

Sandwich Lakes, 13 August 2023

  • Points Match
  • Neil Turnnidge (12lb 7oz)
  • Jeff Buxton (9lb 3oz)
  • Ian Collier (6lb 11oz)

Lavender Farm, 23 July 2023

  • Points Match / Belvedere Cup
  • Ian Collier (36lb 0oz)
  • Jeff Buxton (26lb 0oz)
  • Jack Louth (17lb 4oz)

Stones, 2 July 2023

  • Points Match
  • Jeff Buxton (64lb 4oz)
  • Jack Louth (41lb 7oz)
  • Phil Townsend (35lb 12oz)

Shorne, 29 June 2023

  • Chairman's Shield - Match 4
  • Colin Wenham (6lb 6oz)
  • Phil Townsend (4lb 13oz)
  • Roger Kiddie (3lb 7oz)

Lavender Farm, 25 June 2023

  • Points Match
  • Phil Townsend (27lb 10oz)
  • Ian Collier (13lb 0oz)
  • Brian Potter (9lb 5oz)

Shorne, 22 June 2023

  • Chairman's Shield - Match 3
  • Roger Kiddie (13lb 12oz)
  • Phil Townsend (5lb 13oz)
  • Colin Wenham (3lb 1oz)

Shorne, 15 June 2023

  • Chairman's Shield - Match 2
  • Roger Kiddie (13lb 8oz)
  • Phil Townsend (7lb 9oz)
  • Neil Turnnidge (6lb 8oz)

Shorne, 8 June 2023

  • Chairman's Shield - Match 1
  • Roger Kiddie (18lb 2oz)
  • Mike Stirling (11lb 15oz)
  • Brian Potter (9lb 10oz)

Orchard Farm, 4 June 2023

  • Points Match
  • Phil Townsend (75lb 9oz)
  • Jeff Buxton (55lb 4oz)
  • Brian Potter (39lb 14oz)

Lavendar Farm, 7 May 2023

  • Points Match
  • Terry Williamson (11lb 4oz)
  • Jeff Buxton (4lb 9oz)
  • Phil Townsend (4lb 7oz)

Lavendar Farm, 22 April 2023

  • Points Match
  • Jeff Buxton (24lb 10oz)
  • Roger Kiddie (16lb 8oz)
  • Phil Townsend (8lb 10oz)

TWAPS Updates

Our popup announcer contains updates and important information about society matters. Click the bell icon regularly to check for new updates.

RFA Pike Matches 2023-24

The Rother Fishery Association (RFA) have organised 4 pike fishing matches over the winter of 2023-24.

As TWAPS is a member of the RFA these matches are open to all TWAPS Members.

The matches are scheduled to take place on the River Rother at Newenden on the following dates:

Sunday 10th December 2023
Sunday 7th January 2024
Sunday 4th February 2024
Sunday 3rd March 2024

Note the above dates and venue may change.

If you are interested, please use the website Contact Form:

Don’t forget to include your phone number and email address.

The Committee

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Paddock Wood Fishery – Fishing currently suspended


It is with regret that with immediate effect fishing at the Paddock Wood fishery is suspended until further notice.

This is due to the Committee being recently informed of a change of owners of the site and affects both the lake and the River Medway.

The Committee is currently in discussions with the new owners, and we will keep TWAPS Members updated.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

The Committee

Lost jewellery at the Inn on the Lake

To all Members

If any one has lost any jewellery at the Inn on the Lake can you please message Gary, Head Bailiff, and describe what the item is so we can hopefully return the item to its
Rightful owner.


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The “Magic Twig”

To all Members

Based on the available information, the Magic Twig device is currently not permitted on all TWAPS waters.

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To all Members


Due to outbreaks in Kent, the Inn On Lake dip tank and rinse tank are now both in use.

Please dip nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings etc. on every visit.

This is to help keep our fish safe.

Dip tanks will be ready to use at Cobham from Wednesday 24th August, late afternoon.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Gary Bushell
Head Bailiff

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Membership Full

Our Membership is full and we are currently not accepting new Members. Applications for Membership will be placed on a waiting list.

Cobham Bottom Lake – Duck weed now cleared

To all Members

Most of the duck weed at Cobham Bottom Lake has now been cleared and is ready to fish again.

Gary Bushell
Head Bailiff

Inn on the Lake – Swim 17 – Tree removal completed

To all Members

Inn On Lake.

Works are now complete on removing fallen willow in swim 17.

Swim 17 will be open to all members from Monday 3rd July.

Please check lake map so you know the swim boundaries, see the ‘Casting Limits’ section on the Inn on the Lake fishery page.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Gary Bushell
Head bailiff

Blue Lake Re-opening Delay – Update


Blue Lake Re-opening.

As you may or may not be aware, the Blue Lake was due to be re-opened on 1st April 2023.

Unfortunately the re-opening has been delayed for health and safety reasons.

Very recently a skip lorry collided with and damaged the footbridge that crosses the access road to the Blue Lake (near the inner gate), the result of which has made the bridge and the access road unsafe.

The Blue Lake will remain closed to all TWAPS Members until further notice.


EDC (Ebbsfleet Development Corporation) are waiting for insurers to confirm the start date for works on bridge, which is imminent.

We will keep everyone updated

If you have any questions, please use the TWAPS website contact form:

Apologies for the short notice.

The Committee

Inn on the Lake Swim 18 Vote Results Announced

The results of the recent vote regarding swim 18 at the Inn on the Lake are out.