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Greenacres, 17 November 2019

  • Points Match
  • Dave Dell (19lb 1oz)
  • Jack Dean (19lb 0oz)
  • Rupert Garrett (18lb 7oz)

Pittlands, 27 October 2019

  • AWAC Trophy/Points Match
  • Stuart Eastman (33lb 15oz)
  • Peter Bird (29lb 11oz)
  • Rupert Garrett (21lb 9oz)

Chart Fisheries, 6 October 2019

  • Points Match
  • Jack Dean (403lb 3oz)
  • Tony Raynor (371lb 10oz)
  • Charlie Raynor (360lb 13oz)

Orchard Farm, 22 September 2019

  • Points Match
  • Tony Raynor (160lb 2oz)
  • Kevin Edwards (148lb 2oz)
  • Matt Buxton (111lb 1oz)

Hawkhurst, 8 September 2019

  • Belvedere Cup/Points Match
  • Matt Buxton (113lb 8oz)
  • Jack Dean (83lb 10oz)
  • Tony Rayner (76lb 6oz)

Monk Lakes, 24 August 2019

  • Points Match
  • Billy Hargreaves (75lb 12oz)
  • Kevin Edwards (69lb 0oz)
  • Ray B (63lb 13oz)

Shorne Country Park, 11 August 2019

  • Points Match
  • Rupert Garrett (17lb 5oz)
  • Dave D (12lb 2oz)
  • Ray B (9lb 14oz)

Tylers Common, 27 July 2019

  • Random Pairs/Points Match
  • Billy Hargreaves (136lb 05oz)
  • Stuart Eastmane (79lb 14oz)
  • Tony Rayner (77lb 7oz)

Stones, 14 July 2019

  • Points Match
  • Jack Dean (81lb 11oz)
  • Pat B (72lb 7oz)
  • Andy A (69lb 12oz)

Chairman’s Cup, June 2019

  • Chairman's Cup
  • Rupert Garrett (see table)
  • Colin Wenham (see table)
  • Phil Townsend (see table)

Frant, 23 June 2019

  • Points Match
  • Kevin Edwards (71lb 6oz)
  • Ray Brown (36lb 8oz)
  • Jeff Buxton (33lb 7oz)

Hartleylands, 9 June 2019

  • Points Match
  • Tony Rayner (166lb 5oz)
  • Jeff Buxton (141lb 2oz)
  • Jack Dean (124lb 7oz)

Cobham, 26 May 2019

  • Points Match
  • Charlie Raynor (54lb 14oz)
  • Gary Bushell (41lb 2oz)
  • Stuart Eastman (24lb 5oz)

Brook Farm, 12 May 2019

  • Individual Cup/Points Match
  • Jack Dean (134lb 11oz)
  • Stuart Eastman (98lb 3oz)
  • Jeff Buxton (80lb 5oz)

Monk Lakes – Lake 4, 28 April 2019

  • Points Match
  • Jeff Buxton (28lb 15oz)
  • Stuart Eastman (22lb 7oz)
  • Kevin Edwards (18lb 8oz)

Puddledock, 7 April 2019

  • Memorial Trophy/Points Match
  • Frank Landon (17lb 5oz)
  • Tony Rayner (16lb 9oz)
  • Jack Dean (13lb 14oz)

Pittlands, 24 February 2019

  • Trophy Match
  • Jack Dean (27lb 4oz)
  • Stuart Eastman (17lb 15oz)
  • Jeff Buxton (14lb 5oz)

Claygate, 22 January 2019

  • AWAC Trophy/Points Match
  • Gary Bushell (26lb 9oz)
  • Stuart Eastman (24lb 9oz)
  • Kevin Edwards (22lb 1oz

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