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Thameside Works Angling Preservation Society


Welcome to one of Kent’s finest fishing experiences! If you’re already a member you’ll know where you’re heading next on our website. Don’t forget to check the updates link regularly (bell icon at top). For our new visitors and all enquirers please explore the links under our ‘New to TWAPS’ section on this page.

The Thameside Works Angling Preservation Society accepts no responsibility for injury, death, loss, damage or the theft to persons, cars, equipment whist on any Society fishery and reserve the right to close all or parts of any fishery at any time.


First of all, welcome! If you’d like to know more about the club or discover more about our Kent fishing waters then we’d suggest you start by exploring the links below.

About The Club

Find out more about TWAPS fishing club, its history and its current activities.

Becoming A Member

Find out everything you need to know about becoming a member.

Society Fisheries

Discover all our Kent based fisheries and find all the information you need on each one.

Day Ticket Fishing

Day fishing tickets can currently only be obtained for Shorne Country Park.